Maintainer Steer

Tag:  Blaze
Sire:  McKinnley
Dam: Maternal Perfection
DOB: 3/23/19

Maintainer steer with a cool look and great temperament, he would make a first year kid very happy.

1/2 Blood Simmental steer

Tag:  Blue
Sire:  Redemption
Dam: Taffy (Vegas x Heatwave)
DOB: 3/12/19

Really, sound powerful Simmental steer.  I guess the definition of quick, he's moderate but big.  Needs to get his hair back but when he does... 

Stockridge Taffy

Dam of Big Blue steer

Taffy comes from the Gastrich Family in Beloit she was Champion Shorthorn at 
​World Beef Expo

Tracy Claude   715 222 2909

Ok, so heres how it works.  Calves are sold on a first come first serve basis.  Check back for an updated list as new calves will be added and sold ones removed.  Call me to view and or for prices, there will be no bidding!  When you pay for your calf you pick it up and take it home. 

Shorthorn Plus steer

Tag:  55
Sire:  Bearcat
Dam: MAB
DOB: 3/10/19

A little bigger breed steer thats the right color.

2018 Champion Simmental Steer, Wisconsin State Fair

Maternal Brother to the Bankroll steer

Crossbred Steer

Sire:  Monopoly
Dam: Who Made Who
DOB: 4/1/19

Another pest, suitable for a first year kid.   I may be spending too much time with these things.. 

Shorthorn Plus Steer

Tag:  Pac Man
Sire:  Red White and Roan
Dam: Monopoly
DOB: 3/22/19

Goes back to the great Marker Cow family.  He's moderate and powerful.

1/2 Simmental Steer

Tag:  Scarecrow
Sire:  BankRoll
Dam: HeatWave Irish Whiskey
DOB: 3/5/18

This is a Maternal brother to the Simmental steer that won that Division at the Wisconsin State Fair.  When he quits growing and fills out.. .lookout!

2019 Production Sale    Starts 8/31/19

Shorthorn Plus Steer

Tag:  55
Sire:  Kane Captain
Dam: I80 x MAB
DOB: 2/17/19

This ones out of a first calf heifer.  He's older than the rest but fits right, gonna have great hair.

Shorthorn Plus Steer

Sire:  MAB
Dam: Sin City
DOB: 3/25/19

This steer is pretty green still but he's awful good and very complete.