Striking Gold

Sire of lot 3,7

Lot 2: Crossbred Steer

Sire:  In God We Trust
Dam: BlackLite (BC Lookout x Who)
DOB: 3/17/18


2018 Online Sale, 9/30/18

Lot 10: Crossbred Heifer

Tag:  Free MARTIN
Sire:  Monopoly (original)
Dam: Roxy (Irish Whiskey)
DOB: 3/19/18

Free Martin heifer!  Twin heifer, destined to be a Market heifer.  Monopoly x Irish Whiskey should be interesting.

Lot 3: Crossbred Heifer

Tag:  PoPo
Sire:  Strikin Gold
Dam: Ransom x Smiling Bob
DOB: 3/15/18

Size of a breeding heifer and the power to go market..

Lot 6: Maintainer Steer

Sire:  Aut Jupiter
Dam: Lamborghini x HeatWave
DOB: 3/26/18

Only Jupiter steer we are offering, most were born too late for this sale.  Love his calves so far, none of the heifers are leaving the farm..

Lot 11: Crossbred Steer

Tag:  2 socks
Sire:  Strikin Gold
Dam: Reno (Flush 602 x Irish Whiskey)
DOB: 3/4/18
DOB: 3/5/18

I left this guy a bull too long and it slowed his hair some but its coming now. 

Lot 15: Maintainer steer

Sire:  MAB original
Dam: Who Made Who x Angus
DOB: 3/23/18

White nosed steer with great leg and body hair.  

Lot 14: Crossbred steer

Tag:  6
Sire:  Headliner
Dam: Who Made Who x Angus
DOB: 4/2/18

One of the younger steers in the sale.  

Lot 12: 3/8 Simmental Heifer

Tag:  20
Sire:  MAB original
Dam: 734
DOB: 4/3/18

Simmental heifer, She's almost as wide as she is tall, and deep.. Moderate, probably a market heifer, still she's made pretty darn well.

Lot 5: 50% Maine Steer

Tag:  52
Sire:  Sooner
Dam: Believe In Me
DOB: 2/28/18

Full brother to 2017 High Selling Steer

Lot 8: Crossbred Steer

Tag:  Halo
Sire:  Monopoly
Dam: Smiling Bob x Zing
DOB: 3/9/18

Original Monopoly on a Zing daughter, proven mating. This steer was a twin so he is really green.

Lot 7: Crossbred Heifer

Sire:  Striking Gold
Dam: Blacklite x Sooner
DOB: 4/9/18

Really powerful heifer, with good size she could win some market heifer divisions.

WS Revival

Sire of lot 1 and 4

Lot 1: 50% Simmental Heifer

Tag:  23
Sire:  Revival
Dam: HeatWave x IrishWhiskey
DOB: 3/20/18

Full Sister to the Champion Simmental Steer in Milwaukee this year.

Lot 13: Crossbred Heifer

Tag:  22
Sire:  Strikin Gold
Dam: Ransome
DOB: 4/9/18

Really feminine breeding heifer, she grew well and is one of the bigger heifers in the sale.

Lot 4: 50% Simmental Heifer

Sire:  Revival
Dam: GaGa (HeatWave x P89)
DOB: 3/2/18

Goes back to the great P89 cow and the 602 cow family

2018 Champion Simmental Steer, Wisconsin State Fair

Full Brother to Lot 1

Lot 9: Crossbred steer

Tag:  Brain
Sire:  MAB (original)
Dam: Maxi x Reno (Flush 602)
DOB: 4/7/18

The youngest steer offers.  

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